About us

Being avid home chefs, we set up this site to give those interested in buying the best bread machines for their needs a place to find reliable reviews. Our priority is quality, whether it is the best machine for your money or the best option for cooking specialty and gluten-free bread. The appliances that we review and list have made the cut, coming in at the top of their categories for consistently producing quality bread.

Our research takes into account the differences in baking styles, the many options available for bakers of all levels, the price, the precision, and the quality of the machines. We realize that each household has specific baking needs, and have tried to objectively provide a variety of reviews so that you can find the right fit for your kitchen.

We aim to be straightforward in our approach and write from a perspective gained from years in various kitchens both personally and professionally. To give you a practical overview of the bread machines that are available, we use both our experience and the most up-to-date information that we can find about the different products and brands.